Steve de Gruchy

Reflections On Themes In Theology And Development

Over the past years Steve de Gruchy has been writing a regular column for Inside Out, the magazine of the Council for World Mission. Here you can access these short reflective articles (in PDF format) to gain a sense of the approach taken by the programme. 

  1. Is development really worth it? Click here
  2. A spirituality for development. Click here
  3. A spirituality of development. Click here
  4. A spirituality in development. Click here
  5. The gifts the church brings to develoment. Click here
  6. Eight steps for churches dealing with AIDS. Click here
  7. Women, gender and development. Click here
  8. What do we want to sustain? Click here
  9. Introducing Asset Based Community Development. Click here
  10. Rethinking economic orthodoxy. Click here
  11. The Church as a community asset. Click here
  12. Give us this day our daily bread. Click here
  13. Hunger, famines and common sense. Click here
  14. Food security and GMOs. Click here
  15. Identity and agency. Click here
  16. Thinking about North and South. Click here
  17. Introducing sustainable livelihoods. Click here
  18. The media and struggles for life. Click here
  19. Defining poverty. Click here
  20. Forced migrants and refugees. Click here
  21. From charity to change. Click here
  22. Linking health and poverty. Click here
  23. God's household and God's economy. Click here
  24. Household economics from God's perspective. Click here
  25. Water, life's foundation. Click here
  26. Water, God's gift. Click here
  27. Water, divine symbol. Click here